Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally...I got something to share in my blog.'s been a long time that i had never written a single thing in my blog. Today, I really couldn't help it because I seriously want to express and share it out what I had read during my quiet time just now. I'm sure everyone in live will feel discourage sometimes. Well, to overcome it is to seek God's help which is through prayer. It brings you near to Him, allowing you to be honest and share your worries with Him.With God by your side, you will never be alone. He will give you the strength and courage you need to get it through.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

Don't be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God's

2 Chronicles 20:15

I know sometimes discouragement can make us feel sorry for ourselves I do get discourage when I was feeling stress and I always feel that I can't do it. I have thoughts like "Why did I come to UK to study?" "Why this degree course that I'm taking is irrelevant if I work in Malaysia?" "I want to go home. I just want to quit this degree." Lolz...this sounds very worrying but don't worry I'm not going to quit. This is just my thoughts in my mind when the stress comes in because UK standard is very though and to go straight to the final year without knowing anything about UK system and also Harvard referencing is seriously crazy. At the time like this, I'm focusing on finishing assignments and forgetting that God is near and ready to help whenever I feel that I'm so helpless in doing this assignment and more assignments to finished too and doubt that I can finished it in time.

Well, what can I say! Don't let yourselves to think that you are the only ones that are going through troubles. It can be comforting when you think that the others are going through the same thing as you are. Other than that, don't let your feelings of discouragement shake your assurance of God's love for you. Discouragement can really cause you to doubt God's love, drawing you away from your greatest basis of help. Always know that God will fight on your behalf and help you succeed as you trust him. But of course don't take it for granted because you have God to help you, you have to do your part too as in doing your very best in everything that you do. For example, you can't just say "Oh please God help me in my exam tomorrow", and you didn't even study for it. You can't expect God to help you in that way right.

Watch out for your great enemy, the devil...
Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith.
Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world
are going through the same kind of suffering you are.

1 Peter 5:8-9

When you feel discourage, always take the initiative to seek and stay close to God by praying and reading the bible. It is through talking to God and reading His Word that He will provide divine moments of encouragement when you need the most. Lolz...I have to really spend time reading the bible and talk to God through prayer because lately i had not been doing my quiet time which is not a good thing maybe because of that I feel the uneasiness and couldn't sleep well at night. So, I encourage those who doesn't do quiet time much like me to do it everyday so that it will make you feel that you have the comfort and peace because the Lord is with you always. Another verse to remember:

Be strong and courageous!
Do not be afraid or discourage,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Thanks Papa for comforting me just now , thanks to my friend May who helped me a lot too and thanks to those who prayed for me too. Sometimes you need your family and friends to cheer you up in times of discouragement. Hope this verses can encourage you too because it encourage me. Will keep all of you in prayer. ^_^ And always remember God and Jesus Loves You! and also They are always with you wherever you go.

Here is two song that I want to share;

God will Make a Way - Don Moen

Draw Me Close to You

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alesa Got drenched wet...on her 21 st birthday.

Today is the day of my beloved friend's birthday and she had an awesome birthday party. Many of us Rockers were there. Haha....guess what did we do her? We had a brillant beyond brillant idea. First, we discuss on how to make Alesa. Then, all of us started making Alesa cut the cake a few times while some of them go and get the water ready inside the pails. Haha...the funniest thing is that Caleb and Alvin asked Abby and I to wait at the corner outside of Alesa's grandmother's house.

Then, afterthat they all led Alesa to the roadside and told her that we wanted to take a group picture and then here comes Andy with the pail of water from behind and the next thing you know Alesa is drenched wet from head to toe. She got herself decorated with the party spray which was sprayed by Andy and Alvin. Poor Alesa but she deserve to get some fun as she was the burfday girl. her day today. Haha...

After this crazy prank on Alesa, we gather at the round table to play the drinking game. I got to drink about 8 glass or more of tea + water and with that amount i had to go to toilet so many times thanks to Caleb and Marcus. There is one time that Alesa accidentally push her glass and then all of the cards got wet. We blame her playfully that she is not happy about the game and it is so unfair to her. such a great burfday although i didn't get to celebrate my 21st burfday that grand. i'm so happy for her. We took lots and lots of pictures together.

Memories of us together will always last forever. ^_^

Monday, September 7, 2009

I met my senior in Alpha welcoming Dinner...actually not really senior haha..and met some new friends so fun to meet ShimRon again. Is had been ages since I met him. Haha...i was so shock to see him in well i dunno how to say his house or something because of the Alpha welcoming dinner. So...we chatted and chatted because it has been a long time and we had many things to talk. He even had a psycho group haha....they are all so hillarious. I remember that time he met me he shaked my hand until so long and hard. so funny. I'm feel like I had an electric shock onto my hand. Haha...and you know how funny it is.

I get to know Melissa, Joycelyn i guess and oh no i forgot her name..while the guys will be Leon, Alvin, Derick and JOnathan. Haha...they are all great people. Derick, you talk with him for very long becoz he has so many things or stories to tell about which makes you want to hear more. Haha...Leon is very quiet but always smiling. Alvin, kind of funny also i remember when he get a honeydew from Rachel everyone got jealous becoz his one is more special becoz all of us get watermelon. haha...Jonathan is very quiet so I never really get to talk to him also. Haha...

Melissa is a sweet girl. She is a great person who is smiling all the time. great to know her. Joycelyn is cool. She is so funny and fun to be with. They are all great girls. I'm looking forward to see everybody again. Haha...

I took pictures with Melissa and ShimRon

here it is :

Melissa and I
ShimRon and I

Friday, September 4, 2009

ECE CF finally....

Finally ECE has Christian Fellowship on their own because ECE are usually like the outcasts when we were in school no matter how we become friends with A levels but we are still be forgotten in all the activities that they have but anyways the course that I'm taking is growing in numbers so finally we can have a CF on our own. Which is awesome? Yesterday we have a great time playing games, praise & worship and also Mr. Michael's message about Merdeka.

The first game we play was follow the leader which is the leader has to guide us to walk without knocking down the bottles. We were blindfolded and we couldn't see anything so instead we have to listen to our leader's instruction which is giving us the sense of direction in order not to knock down the bottles. Mark was the leader at first but then he couldn't direct properly there is two bottles fall off while when Charis was the leader none of the bottles fall off which is great . We were so happy and afterthat there is still time to play.

So, I suggested to play the chair game which is so funny. All of them have to stand and fit it into a few chairs. Of course firstly, we start it easy by having the same amount of chairs then slowly slowly we will take away few chairs and then there is difficulties because they are moving around according to height, according to age etc...I was the one that torture them. It was so funny then they were like "Desiree, you are torturing us." Then I reply "Sry is the fun of it if i give you easy one then is not fun anymore." haha....but 8 person managed to stand on 4 chairs. That is totally not bad already. I wish I could join in too.

Then after that we have worship. we sang 4 songs which are One Way, Beautiful Saviour, How great is our God another song I can't remember. Mark was playing the guitar and Nicole was doing the slides. Everyone is singing their hearts out to the song as we were focusing on God who was up in heaven watching every move we take and every step we take.

After praise and worship, Mr. Michael was the speaker of the day. He was talking about the history from the bible from Abraham and Sarah to Jesus which is really great to know how the people get their freedom (Merdeka) but it was really a pitiful thing that the israelites have to suffer they even doubted God is here with them or not. Jesus is coming soon it might be today or tomorrow or even now we must prepare ourselves to God. Tell the person that you care or even the person that you don't know. Try to preach the gospel to them help as many as you can to be save from everything.

You know in the world now had become violence. A lot of murdering, snatch thefs , getting raped, virus is coming everywhere, and many more. these are the signs that the end times is coming and Jesus will be coming to take those who believe him up together to heaven. everything you do just trust the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and mind.

i'll other parts next time. haha..

Mari kita berinteraksi dengan mengunakan bahasa Melayu.

Semalam saya menghadiri kelas "Mengajar Bahasa Melayu Kepada Kanak-Kanak" (Teaching Bahasa Malaysia to Young Children) Saya mempunyai keberatan untuk bertutur dalam bahasa melayu kerana saya sudah lama tidak menggunakan Bahasa Melayu untuk berinteraksi dengan rakan sebaya saya. Kami selalu berfasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan ini menyebabkan kami mempunyai berasa susah untuk berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana kami sudah biasa berfasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris antara satu sama lain. Pensyarah kami pun mempunyai kesusahan untuk bertutur Bahasa Melayu dengan kami. Dia pun tersekat-sekat apabila dia mengajar kami kerana semua orang di kelas bercakap bahasa rojak iaitu Bahasa Melayu bercampur dengan bahasa inggeris. Minggu depan kami akan mempunyai satu drama iaitu kami akan dipilih daripada pensyarah untuk mendapatkan kumpulan kami dan kami akan berlakon cerita prosa klasik iaitu cerita yang lama dan yang benar. Oleh itu, saya sangat takut saya akan lupa skript yang diberikan dan juga saya tidak pandai berfasih dalam bahasa melayu oleh itu saya hendak belatih sekarang supaya saya dapat memperbaiki apa yang saya sudah salah membentangkan.

Dalam kelas, kami diasingkan untuk membuat tugasan iaitu untuk berfasih dalam bahasa lain yang kami tidak faham. Abigail, Jian Shi, Wai Khoon dan saya adalah satu kumpulan. Jian Shi, Wai Khoon dan saya tidak tahu berfasih dalam bahasa hindi iaitu bahasa ibunda Abigail. Kami tidak tahu maksudnya apa pada mula-mula tertapi kami berusaha untuk belajar untuk menlafazkan bahasa hindi dengan betul. Semua orang dalam kelas ketawa dekatnya. Jian Shi adalah paling kelakar dia tidak melafazkan bahasa hindi yang kita sudah berlatih. Dia selalu diejek dan dibuli oleh kita semua. Haha...Jian Shi ini sangat senang dibuli tertapi dia pun tidak kisah dan dia juga suka membuat muka dia macam sangat marah dekat kita. Lepas itu, kumpulan mereka juga menlafazkan bahasa lain dengan betul tertapi ada kala kita berfasih dengan bahasa lain menjadi satu jenaka kerana kita tidak tahu berfasih dengan telor yang baik.

30 minit kemudian kita diasingkan untuk membentangkan apakah kemahiran membaca, mendengar, berfikir, bercakap dan menulis. Abigail, Jian Shi , Wai Khoon dan saya berkumpulan lagi. Kita berfikir-fikir macam mana kita buat peta minda ini. Lepas itu kita menuduh Jian Shi kerana dia yang memilih topik ini. Walaupun topik ini sukar sedikit tetapi kita agak-agak tahu sedikit tetang literasi ini adalah sangat penting kerana kita belajarnya dekat topik "Language and Literture" dan kita menggunakan otak kita untuk berfikir. Lebih lagi, kita tuliskan proses kemahiran membaca tersebut dan Jian Shi akan membentangkan kepada kelas kita. Cik Jamela memberi komen dekat kita semua iaitu kita terlupa satu proses lagi iaitu simbol.

Selepas itu, kita mempunyai lakonan dengan situasi yang ditetapkan oleh pensyarah kita. Charis, Rachel Tee dan saya adalah satu kumpulan kita diberikan situasi adalah sudah lama tidak jumpa dengan satu sama lain. Haha...kelakarnya apabila kita berfasih dalam bahasa melayu saya pun pakai bantai sahaja apabila bercakap. haha....saya mestilah berlatih kalau tidak saya akan gagal dalam peperiksaan. Saya tidak mahu ia terjadi. Saya mesti mempunyai konfiden dalam diri sendiri.

Oklah sudahlah saya tidak boleh tulis lagi nanti saya baca pun mahu ketawa dengan bahasa saya yang sangat teruk ini.

Graphics that i made during these past few days....

Here are some graphics that i made when I feel bored after reseaching some of my assignments things then I downloaded this software which is name GIMP and this software is so fun to make graphics. I just love to see people's graphics which is super awesome that's why I started to play with it but I'm still learning so these graphics are not so good as other people. Hope you all enjoy looking at it. ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TAGGED by Abigail

Well today I've been tagged by Abigail a friend from Malaysia of course.So I'm going to tagged as many friends as I can to continue this friendship tagged post.-BEGIN COPY-This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
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Have fun tagging. Haha....